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‘Now’s your chance to be part of Exeter Gins exciting journey. From as little as £10 you now have the chance to own your slice of Exeter Gin, so rather than gift us the money you can own a share of Exeter Gin Ltd 


"What is Equity Crowdfunding/Crowdcube? Crowdcube enables you, the everyday investor, to easily buy real shares in a company. You can invest from as little as £10. Your investment not only entitles you to receive shares within the company, but it also enables us to grow our brand. Investing is easy, you simply need to register an account on Crowdcube and pledge your investment on our campaign page. Keep in mind, your investment is only taken out of your account only once the round successfully closes (ie, we hit our raise target!). Once the round closes, you will be issued a shareholders certificate which identifies your shares, and how much you own of the company!" 



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Why are we crowdfunding?

We have experienced phenomenal demand for our gins, meaning we have sold 400% of our Year One sales target within the first 10 months since our launch in August 2017.  We need to raise funds to ensure we can keep up with the growth we are experiencing.

Larger equipment, premises and new revenue streams 

To keep up with demand, we need to produce in larger quantities. We need to upgrade our current 100ltr still to 2 x 300 ltr stills, which means we need some premises in which to house them.  This will allow us to benefit from economies of scale. We can also introduce additional revenue streams via gin tours and schools. 

Grow our team and product line 

We will use funds raised to grow our team, to help us distil, bottle and deliver our products, build our customer base and sales. We also want to expand our product range, to include a Sloe Gin, as well as develop seasonal gift packs. 

Further Questions?

We look forward to your interest and further questions. Just contact us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

 Why Join our campaign?

Joining us at this early stage will allow you to benefit from maximum returns in what is currently one of the fastest growing industries both here in the UK, and abroad.  Gin is now a £1.9b industry in the UK.  The IWSR forecast report predicts gin sales would grow by 37.2% by 2021.

Not to mention, the opportunity to own a piece of Exeter’s very own gin; celebrating its Roman and Viking Heritage.